TFS Table Tennis Club Winner

2016 Year End TFS Table Tennis Club

michael shaffer
The year end Christmas party 
and Table Tennis tournament 
was held in December and was 
fun for everyone.  There were 
12 participants in the tournament 
and a few friends showing 
support.  It was a hard fought 
battle between Michael Shaffer 
and the present champion, Dylan 
Dresch for the semi-finals, where 
Vince Peckat was waiting to deter-
mine the new top dog. The whole 
Club watched while Michael and 
Vince fought it out.  In the end
Michael won and was named Twisted 
Fe Table Tennis Champion.
The fishermen and fry cooks in the group set up a
fantastic food buffet with fried fish, chicken, pickles, and 
potatoes.  There were also some side dishes and desserts which 
were cooked by Patty Peckat and Jill's bakery The Sugar Path. 
Thank you to everyone who came out and made it a special night!
dyl & Michael

Michael & Vince

fry night

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