May 11, 2015


Hello friends and fans of the Arts.  My name is Victoria Dresch and I am Co-owner and Founder of the Twisted Fe Studios, tucked away in a community of Batavia industrial condos, very near the world famous “Fermi-lab”.  In 2014 our 90 year old (3 generation) family Silversmith business, Ciske & Dresch, Inc., decided to change direction and become a place of art discovery instead of a service oriented business of silver restoration and repairs.  In fact, we have morphed into a house of experimentation where the exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge has led to some exciting new sounds and has inspired some wonderful glass designs meant to delight the soul.

Located in the West suburbs of Chicago,  Twisted Fe Studios has become home to several local musicians and artists.  At one time we had a flow group and fire eating community that met regularly.   Now we have several bands that use our “Venue Room” to practice for upcoming shows, or to make videos and experiment with lighting and sound.

Our “Art Room” is set up for artists to work on glass, stone, wood, or semi-precious metal projects.  In order to obtain a pass to the art room, artists must go through the Twisted Fe “Into Class” and display a working knowledge of  glass art or lost wax casting.  Artist who are looking to add a medium to their repertoire may learn the basics of glass and metal art through the only class taught at Twisted Fe Studios.  It meets every Thursday and Saturday.

Each artist, band, or club that rents space and time at Twisted Fe Studios is responsible for their own experience and must represent as their own agent.  For this reason, all resident artists must be in agreement as to who rents space and any disagreements that might arise are settled by the owners.


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  • Oh, Vic – So far I’m so impressed!! Love your site and the ‘about’ section so far. Now on to Classes and Clubs, etc. Love the five circles of info at the beginning 🙂

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