May 8, 2015

Classes and Clubs

Glass Art classes:

  • Glass Fusion: Learn how to cut and fuse glass into decorative forms.  Learn about safety, the tools, the different types of glass, and how to create a good work space for a home studio.  Contact Cody McDonald on his facebook page.
  • Glass Bead Making:  Learn the basic torch skills needed to make a bead.  Learn the tools, the equipment, learn about Boro glass, and of coarse, learn the safety rules when working with pressurized gases.  Contact Cody McDonald on his facebook page.

Metal Art classes:

  • Lost Wax Casting for beginners:  Learn to create a wax mold that will be cast into silver.  Learn the tools, the equipment, the wax to silver ratios when casting, and learn the burnout process.

Hoop Dance classes:

  • Beginning Hoop Dance:  Beginning Hooping focuses on the basics of hoop dance including postures, tricks and combinations-both on and off body, yoga and choreography. Don’t forget the awesome cardio workout you’ll get.
  • Transitions and Combinations:  This class focuses on tying tricks and movements together to create spectacular combinations and choreography. You will learn to explore and appreciate your body’s natural movements and flow.


  • Twisted Fe Players:  The TFS Players are our group of artists and musicians who donate time and creative energies to help raise money for the non profit organizations that we support.  Anyone who would like to participate or become a “Player” is invited to contact Victoria Dresch on facebook and leave a message.  You can also leave a message on the Twisted Fe Studios Facebook page.  If you are a band or small performing arts group you might want to showcase your work as well as help us raise money for our charity.  We have a small 100 person capacity venue that is private and perfect for shows.
  • Twisted Fe Table Tennis Club:  We have a dedicated Table Tennis Club that is building its membership and is looking for players of all levels.  There are 2 competition tables and 1 excellent practice table which are set up on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm with Saturday starting at 5:00pm.  The dues are $20.00 and are paid every 6 weeks.  On the 6th week our club is open to friends and possible new members (no charge).  Anyone can drop in at any time to play and if not a member the fee is $5.00.  There are several club tournaments throughout the year with some being open to the public.  Check the Latest News section to find out when the next tournament is.
  • Twisted Fe Studio Artists Guild:  If you are a local artist looking to find a home for displaying your work or to bounce ideas off other artists, you might want to join our newly forming Art Guild.  We have a few bench spaces for rent as well as tools, a small kiln, a castor, and hammers n such.  Let us know what you are looking for and maybe we can help you out.  Check out the Latest News section to get info on our yearly Art Expedition.  We go west to Utah and set up easels out in the Valley of the Gods for an experience you wont forget.  We also offer white water Kayaking and an informative hike down in Montezuma Canyon.  Contact Twisted Fe Studios on Facebook to order a brochure.
  • Twisted Fe Performance Art Troupe:  One of the goals of Twisted Fe Studios is to form a Flow Arts Performance Troupe.  If you or anyone you know would be interested in joining this group we would arrange for an audition with our flow instructors.  We are looking for Hoop Dancers, Poi Spinners, Fire Handlers, and jugglers.  You can leave a message on the Twisted Fe Studio Facebook page.

All our classes are private and can be arranged by leaving a message here or by contacting the artist directly to schedule a specific time and date.



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