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Work has begun on our video for the fund raising project by the Twisted Fe Players.  Our collaboration with the One World Academy is sure to produce a very different, but interesting and informative presentation.  As we work this year to create a video that shows how the love of music has no borders, and that it is a bond that can be created to unite people from opposite ends of the world, we hope to attract donors to our cause.  By sharing photos and videos between our musicians it is hoped that a One World Academy video will be produced and shown around our communities as we reach out for help in raising the funds needed to continue the upgrades on the small community free school in Mozambique.  A large private show is being planned for the debut of this video before it goes on tour around the country.  Tickets go on sale in July for the September Concert and Video Show.

Join us for our next photo shoot as we put together the freshly painted instruments and play them to the songs  of Hungry Mountain, our house band.  We will send the pictures to the school in Mozambique who will then  watch and become inspired to make their own instruments.  We are asking them to take pictures and video of  their progress and then send them all to us where we will add them to our collection of shots.  With careful  editing, we hope to have a unique and fun product to use in our fund raising efforts.

Keep watching our posts to see where you might want to participate.  All are welcome.


NEXT PHOTO SHOOT IS July 30,  AT 6:00 pm.

Bring your towel and beach wear to be in the video!!!!!!!!!!!


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