Shadewater workshop a success

There was a full house on Tuesday when Shade Flamewater and his partner, Billy Tempest,

fire eaters stage

came to Twisted Fe Studios in order to teach some expert techniques in Fire Eating.  Their experience of more than a decade in the business has made them seasoned in their art, and their ability to teach to all levels makes a workshop with them very fun and informative.  The time seemed to slip by quickly, but not before everyone was able to learn and demonstrate the specific skills laid out by Flamewater.  Students came from all over the country, including Boston and San Francisco in order to learn from this famous and professional team.  The vaping techniques were something special and many students came to receive these skills in order to add them to their own performances.

The camaraderie and new friendships that were formed is a true testament to the attention that these 2 leaders gave our group; I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.



Billy Tempest

If you missed these teachings but would still like a chance to learn about fire eating and safety, don’t fret.  I understand that they will be back this way again in October or November.  Keep watching for the next announcement and make sure you reserve a space at this dynamic and unique “hands on” workshop.
received_10205019230080921Photography credit:  Alanna Turner, Eric Dary

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